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Media Operation – Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $100.00.

Increase the followers of your official media in 1 week!

Increase the followers of your official media in 1 week!

  • Content: Our prompt engineers create content in native languages using ChatGPT, which is then reviewed by seasoned media professionals. This includes short content, posters, and long blog posts.
  • SEO: Assisting developers and startups in improving search results, managing public opinion, and boosting organic traffic, all at an extremely low cost for faster results.
  • Posts and Design: We leverage the most advanced AI technology, including MidJourney and Dall-E, to create highly creative posters and designs.
  • Partnership: In an extensive startup network within the Web3 and fintech sectors, we can help startups find seed users and establish genuine collaborative relationships

Media Operation – Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn – $100/w

  • 10 posts at least
  • 100-1000 follower increasing
  • 100 likes at least
  • Comments from high-impact accounts


About PartnerR

PartnerR is an agency that offers PR services at extremely competitive rates, but we are more than just a PR agency. We also assist every member in establishing genuine partnerships. We specialize in the fintech and Web3 sectors, with monthly PR fees for members as low as $300. Even individual developers can afford our services.


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