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MugglePay has partnered with PartnerR

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MugglePay has partnered with PartnerR to offer affordable PR services to startups

In today’s globalized economy, startups face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. To stand firm in this highly competitive era, robust market and brand building have become particularly important. Against this backdrop, MugglePay, a leading cryptocurrency payment technology service provider in Asia, and PartnerR, dedicated to providing market and brand promotion services to startups, have announced a significant strategic partnership. This collaboration will provide crucial market promotion and brand building support for startups, also marking a joint commitment to industry innovation and development.

Starting from December 2023, PartnerR will offer MugglePay’s new users three months of free market publicity services, including press release distribution, official media operations, and partner liaison services. This initiative will significantly enhance the brand visibility and market influence of startups, helping them stand out in highly competitive industries and more easily transition from zero to one. For startups, a strong and attractive brand can greatly enhance customer trust and loyalty, thereby improving market competitiveness.

In the digital age, accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method has become one of the key strategies for startups to expand their market and attract new customers. The global nature and low transaction costs of cryptocurrencies provide businesses with unique opportunities to enter new markets and attract global customers. As a provider of cryptocurrency payment solutions, MugglePay’s collaboration will enable PartnerR’s clients to leverage this advantage, expand their business scope, and more effectively reach global customers. PartnerR itself has also integrated MugglePay, supporting developers to purchase services using USDT and ETH.

Sky, the Co-Founder of MugglePay, emphasized this point: “We believe that by accepting cryptocurrency payments, startups can not only enhance the accessibility and convenience of their services but also enter a broader international market. This is a significant market advantage, especially for those businesses seeking global expansion.”

Kira, the head of PartnerR, added: “We are very excited to work with MugglePay. We believe that combining our expertise in market promotion with MugglePay’s cryptocurrency payment technology, we will be able to provide comprehensive support to startups, helping them establish a strong brand presence in the market.” MugglePay, as Asia’s leading cryptocurrency payment technology service provider, is committed to offering innovative payment solutions. PartnerR, with its comprehensive market publicity and brand promotion services, provides strong support for the growth of startups. Through this strategic collaboration, both parties will work together to contribute to the prosperity and development of startups.

The strategic cooperation between MugglePay and PartnerR not only represents the practice of the Web3 spirit but also reflects a commitment to driving innovation and progress in the entire industry. Through this partnership, both parties will jointly contribute to the prosperity and development of startups, creating a brighter future.

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