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Not only Public Relations, but also Partner Resources




About Us.

PartnerR is an agency that offers PR services at extremely competitive rates, but we are more than just a PR agency. We also assist every member in establishing genuine partnerships. We specialize in the fintech and Web3 sectors, with monthly PR fees for members as low as $300. Even individual developers can afford our services.

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Our Focus

Content, SEO, Media, Partnership.


Create content in native languages using ChatGPT, which is then reviewed by seasoned media professionals. This includes short content, posters, and long blog posts.


Assisting developers and startups in improving search results, managing public opinion, and boosting organic traffic, all at an extremely low cost for faster results.

Posts and Design

We leverage the most advanced AI technology, including MidJourney and Dall-E, to create highly creative posters and designs.


In an extensive startup network within the Web3 and fintech sectors, we can help startups find seed users and establish genuine collaborative relationships




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Pricing Table

We understand your requirement and provide service.
Membership Fee


Per Year

4 Blogs or posts

1 press release publishment

10 comments of official media

Partnership resources connection

Brand mention

24/7 Customer Support

Market Manager


Per Month

Official media operations

X(Twitter), LinkedIn, Reddit, and more

Discord, Telegram

Increase followers

Interview on top media

24/7 Customer Support

Brand Building

Start at $1000

Per Year

Official media operations

Increase followers

SEO improve

Interview on top media


24/7 Customer Support


Our Blog

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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About PartnerR

We not only provide public relations services, but also offer partner resources.

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